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This tutorial is presented in two languages, namely English (at the top) & English (at the bottom). Here are tips that you can take advantage of as big of this tutorial: 
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To create a text ad free site is actually a series of flow data base which can be very akan puzzle for beginners (like myself) must be at least as related to the PHP language and MySQL data base processing. 

Fortunately there was instant way to make this site ad free with a quick, easy & simple way is to use the facilities free of ad packages bravenet. This package is provided to you for FREE and already 90% so, you only live a little editing just to improve appearance or install you own banner ads and then you can give a name for your site with ads using the free domain from www.co.cc, or www . freedomain.co.nr

Please list here first to take the package is FREE. Fill "Teritories Trust" in the column "State / province" if you list from outside the USA. Do with the way registration verification clicking a special link that will be sent to your e-mail address. To begin making this site a free ad, please login to your account, select the menu "Webtool" then you search & select a service "Classifieds" in the lower part. 

How to Edit Site Ad Packages 

After you register then you will be able to code in HTML that you can copy and paste the insertkan into your web page that will be given free advertising facility. The HTML code you can get the "copy-paste the code." You can also take the URL address its course without the need mengabil other HTML code that contains text or image. 

URL you will use are: 
where the code after "usernum =" will be replaced with your own code 

If you want to make this URL as the front page, then you only need to replace only the original URL with the URL or domain forwarding free of www.freedomain.co.nr or www.co.cc, eg you can replace it with the name www.iklan88 . co.nr 

The site to edit your ad, go to your bravenet account and select "webtool" and click on "classifieds" and choose the parts that you will edit. Please make a variety of experiments to obtain the best results according to your own, easy koq! 

Another way to make the site ad free with how to utilize the services of a free instant forum also, an example of the instant forum simple to learn and suitable for beginners can be obtained here. To create an alternative forum in the instant can be used as a free ad you can see in this example site that uses www.pasarbaris.com package of instant IPB forum, examples of other sites that use the forum www.pasarlaris.com maker of instant phpBB. To link the forumnya you can see at the bottom of the forum forum. If you need as a beginner to learn to make front page of the forum with a very basic technique can be once you see tutorial in www.buatsitus.co.nr 

Congratulations & good luck studying!


For we who are still enjoying the pirated software ...

It is how much we use the software without paying for the author on a continental? This includes Windows, Ms-Office software and other pirated software. Games also lho!

In the hearts we actually realize, that taking something without the rights, either in a piecemeal especially large-scale, people's faith and of people who we consider infidelity, theft remains theft. And the perpetrators deserve called skeleton. Ya toh?

To continue to steal, we always find it kind of justification. Ranging from financial impotennya, inability to learn new things, to reason quasi-anti-capitalism. In fact, we can also use the theorem-proof barbarian religious teachings of the ordinary we use to justify the robbery of the unbelievers, Jews and the other candidates of the Fire.

Not only seek justification, this habit also steal our tularkan on our children. Since small, we biasakan them to use pirated software. Whether at home, disekolah to university. They let us grow together developing pilferage. We biasakan to feel they "do not have a wrong" with the activities that steal software. Grow a little larger, they may also feel "there is no one" with stealing money from a credit card belonging to the heathen. And when they are older nangkring in a strategic position, perhaps they will also steal money from people and relatives of their own faith. They become too used to steal a bit without feeling "something is wrong."

He would like to support the eradication of corruption, but why we still train children to become a thief? Until when will we let ourselves, our nation, as a professional thief? Until when will we leave our children and grandchildren follow our master?

Do not ask the religion, do not ask the Lord, God, the Father in heaven, YHV, Hyang Widhi, Ba'asyir or whoever you worship as a god, but you ask the world, or at any angle away from you that you most " net ": He will agree to this act? If you can not successfully kill him, certainly not the answer.

This is year 2006. Options opensource software is huge. Software-software that also has evolved to use a much more easy and intuitive. Almost every software there is a view in its opensource you can use without having to steal. Only a few need to force your brain to adapt and learn a little more.

But the software that I use to steal a living searching for a no opensourcenya?!

If so just buy a license. Period you will continue to seek means of living with the results of thievery? Whether you will continue to feed the child and family with your beloved steal the money?

No need to wait lah MUI (or cluster leader of any religion) to issue a fatwa on the unlawful use of pirated software. No need to wait for instructions from the President to hold it always in doubt. Also need not wait for the sweet words that are too clever representatives seeking money.

It is time we take the decision itself. Time our brave apostate from the religion of corruption, religious pirate, thief religion. Is by a religious leader (who also double as a celebrity), when the cause is always said, "Start from yourself" ... .. so one of them is like this, start forcing myself to leave the hobby of stealing small. Because most of the big things, from the beginning, always small.

Try to listen to your world, do not membungkamnya longer. Bayarlah license the software you use, or use opensource software or Freeware.

Terimakasih skimming is reading, you think God may have arrived when you get this message, at this time. How do you follow up, your rights as a fully human berbudipekerti to make a decision.

Sorry if do not read well or feel discomfort, just an info, a similar message was also delivered in more elegant, polite and brilliant by Pak I Made Wiryana, also by Mr. PRIYADI here and here.

Update: In fact, I have also discussed in The Wind Mbajak Islamic writings Pak Wijaya, there are the comments from supporters kekhalifahan that supports piracy, and the means pengharamannya against Islamic law. Also review the online Sharia Law And Or hijack Utilizing Barang pirated. Joesatch and also have pembenarannya own life to keep plowing.

Top 10 misterious in the people

 The 10 Most mysterious in the World! 

Written by Kevin Heryadi in / on March 25, 2009 

1. Green Children of Woolpit 

Green Children of Woolpit (2 children of Woolpit green) are two children who mysteriously appears in the village of Woolpit in Suffolk, England in the century to 12. Both children are brothers, and have skin that is green (Hulk ???). In addition to the green skin, the second child has a normal appearance as most people. They speak in a strange language that is not recognized and does not want to eat anything except peanut pod. 

After a long run, both the child's skin fading green color and become a normal human skin color in general. After learning English, they explained that they came from a village called St. Martin is a dark place because the sun does not shine there. While tend cattle owned by their father, they found a river of light and follow it, until suddenly they are in Woolpit. Some theories claim that the second child is a child from another dimension, or the alien from space. 

2. Gil Perez 

Gil Perez is a Spanish soldier who suddenly appeared in Mexico on 26 October 1593. He put on uniforms Del Gobernador Palace guards in the Philippines. He claims that he did not know how suddenly he was in Mexico (hmm perhaps he Jumper is the first in the world = P). He said, before suddenly are in Mexico, he was on duty at the Palace Del Gobernador, and said that the Governor of the Philippines at that time, Don Gmez Prez Dasmari just killed. 

Two months later, a ship came from the Philippines to Mexico to bring some passengers. The passengers are allowed Gil Perez's story that the Governor of the Philippines was recently killed. Even one of his passengers. One of the passenger ships and even declare that he recognizes the Perez and view them in the Philippines on October 23 (O_o). After that, Perez then returned to the Philippines and continue his life there until the end of hayatnya. 

3. Man In The Iron Mask 

Hmm .. sound Familiar? 
No, we're not discuss or Leonardo Di Caprio film Man In The Iron Mask played by it. In fact the film is inspired from a mysterious figure in France. 

Man In The Iron Mask (Died November 1973) is that prisoners be caged in a number of prisons in France (including the legendary prison, Bastille) at the time of King Louis XIV. The identity of this man was never known because no one ever see the face hidden in a brown leather mask. Now we know that since time immemorial, people like to exaggerate the story because the stories are outstanding, be told that the mask is made of steel which is the beginning of the sobriquet given to him. 

According to a letter given to the prison in Pignerol (Bnigne Dauvergne de Saint-Mars) where the first man is imprisoned, the men are Eustache Dauger. In the letter also instructed that a cell is coated with some of the door (to prevent people from outside to hear a voice from within the cell). In addition, also said that when men are talking to other people in addition to matters related to personal needs (eg warden .. .. I want beol! = P), he will be killed instantly. Until now, no one actually knows the identity of this man, but there is some rumor that he is the brother of Louis XIV, son of King Charles II, Diplomat of Italy, and others. 

4. Count of St. Germain 

Count of St. Germain, who allegedly died on 27 February 1784, is a nobleman, adventurer, amateur researchers, fiddler, composer, and a mysterious. He also showed some skills related to chemistry. Myths, legends and speculations about the St. Germain growing at the end of the 19th century and early 20th century and continues to this day. Of which there is a belief that St. Germain is an immortal (eternal life), a chemist who has Elixir of Life (liquid immortality), and has been predict the occurrence of French Revolution. 

Since his death, many organizations that make occultism as a respected role model figure, even the worship itself. Not a few of them confess ngaku as-St. Germain or the creation of the St. Germain. 

5. D. B. Cooper 

D.B. Cooper aka Dan Cooper is a fictitious name used by a famous pirate and the mysterious aircraft on the 24 November 1971, after receiving ransom money of $ 200,000, from the back of the plane Boeing 727 which dibajaknya. In the action pembajakannya, Cooper brought a bag containing bomb and threaten akan meledakkannya, when he was not given the money of $ 200,000 and 2 set a parachute. 

Cooper not seen since that time and is not known whether he was successful survivors of penerjunannya. In 1980, a child aged 8 years to find the money as much as $ 5,800 in dollar bills, $ 20 at the Columbia river in the United States. Code series that the money is found with the money given to the Cooper tebusannya as money. 

Cooper fugitive from the back of the plane using a parachute, the airport-airport began using metal detector to prevent the same thing repeated again. 

6. Fulcanelli 

Fulcanelli is a fictitious name from the French chemist in the late 19th century that identity is not yet known. Many of the mysteries that shroud him, but one of the most popular rumor is that the story of how students kesayangannya (Eugene Canseliet) successfully change 100 grams of lead into gold by using a little powder was given to him by Fulcanelli. 

Trusted that the World War II German intelligence incentive to search to find Fulcanelli as knowledge in the field of nuclear weapons. Fulcanelli never encountered an atomic experts from France and to provide detailed information related to nuclear technology and claims that atomic weapons had been used by humans since many years that past. 

According Canseliet (Fulcanelli students), with the last meeting is Fulcanelli in 1953 in Spain. At that meeting, Fulcanelli should grow aged 80 years younger, and look like men, aged 50 years (O_o). The meeting itself is quite short, and Fulcanelli again disappeared from the public forever. 

7. Kaspar Hauser 

On 26 May 1828, a teenager seen in the street in Nuremberg, Germany. He brought a letter addressed to Captain Resimen Kavalry to Germany-6. Author mysterious letter brought by Hauser stated that the child given to him to hold since he was still a baby, on 7 October 1812, and since that time the child be at home are men. Hauser claims that since he can remember things, he has be alone in the dark room measuring 21 × 1.5 meters with a bed of straw as the bed and hobby of wood carved by hand as a piece. Hauser also claimed that the first person to interact with it is that mysterious man mengunjunginya some time before it was released, which is always careful not to be seen by face Hauser. 

According to rumor, Hauser is the Prince of Baden was born on 29 September 1812 and died a month later. Prince Dirumorkan that is exchanged with the baby dying, while the prince is the Original Hauser appears 16 years later in Nuremberg. In 2002, the University of Munster conduct DNA analysis to compare the DNA Hauser and Stephanie de Beauharnais who dirumorkan as Hauser's mother (the Queen of Baden). Research results show that DNA sekuens not identical but the deviation is not too far away so they could not conclude that they should not have any blood relations. 

8. Babushka Lady 

Babushka Lady is the name of the nickname given to her a mysterious woman seen when the murder of a United States president, John F. Kennedy. Women are seen wearing long brown coat, and scarf in the head, such as that used by normal elderly women in Russia. Scarf that have become the beginning of the surname dilekatkan her babushka (Russian babushka is a language for a grandmother or elderly women). Women are seen holding something in front of the face, which is believed to camera. He was seen in some images that perpetuate the location of the incident. Even after the crowd has ended, he was still there and visible in the photographs with kameranya. Some time later, the FBI asks for public announcement that Babushka Lady submit results catapult kameranya (probably for the purpose of investigation), but it did not appear to the public again. 

In the year 1970, a woman named Beverly Oliver, confess as Babushka Lady. But as the story contains many inconsistencies and clumsiness, as he trusted her to false numpang noise = P Until now, no one knows her actual Babushka Lady, what is he doing in the place of occurrence and the reason he did not want to submit the results catapult kameranya. 

9.The Poe Toaster 

The Poe Toaster (People toast with Poe) is the nickname given to the mysterious figure that gives homage to the famous American author, Edgar Allan Poe makamnya the way, every year, on the day ultah Poe (January 19). Honor the tradition started in 1949, a century after the death of Edgar Allan Poe (1849). 

Every morning at the date of January 19, sesosok with awut wear dark-colored awutan visit the graves of Poe in Baltimore, Maryland. Figures and raise a glass of cognac to make a toast (toast). Before leaving the cemetery, he placed the 3 handles red roses and a bottle of cognac than half live in the Poe grave. 3 stalk roses typify trusted to honor Poe, Virginia (wife Poe), and Maria Clemm (Poe Mertua) is buried in the same tomb. While the purpose of half-bottles of cognac itself is still not known. Trading done by the Poe Toaster is still followed up to now, but trust that is not done by the same person (probably inherited from the Poe Toaster the descendants of the original). 

10. Monsieur Chouchani 

Monsieur Chouchani (died in 1968) is a nickname or sobriquet given to the figure of the Jewish teaching some students in Europe after the Second World War-2. Most students become successful and famous figures, such as Emanuel Levinas (French philosopher, an image as seen on the side), and Elie Wiesel (Jewish Writer, wholesaler nobel peace in 1986). Very little is known about Chouchani, including who is actually the name is still mysterious. 

No physical works (like any posts, publications, books, etc.) from Chouchani, but the intellectual legacy he left a very extraordinary through students. Chouchani is nyentrik figures, such as a vagrant, but has a very broad knowledge of them in the field of science, mathematics, philosophy and Talmud in particular. In general, the detail about life Chouchani obtained through writing and the results of interviews with students.

Tutorial Wordpress 2.7

Wordpress.com is Ok, the latest version 2.7 many additional facilities for the try. First, my favorite theme already in use (Grid focus). Second, wordpress icon can be replaced with the image we all. Third, the storage quota increased from 100 MB to 3 GB (Wow. ..). Fourth, there is a quick edit and quick press it. And many more new facilities that I have not tried. 

So, that would make the following blog at wordpress, I try to make short guide. because, version 2.7 for this view is different withprevious version, and until now I do not have as far as one Tutorial books, and in time What is google, ebook new one. 

But, here is a general use only. This means only the understanding is enough to be able blogging at wordpress. Its first, and the profile view blog in general. Second, start writing articles and new pages and how to edit it. Add a third link, and also how to edit it. Fourth, change the theme or the appearance of the blog. These facilities add another page in the blog (widget name). Sixth, set the incoming comment. Seventh, save the file in wordpress (3 GB I do dimanfaatin). Eighth how to monitor statistics blog. The rest, try it self. OK

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